Dr. Widodo PhD, Indonesia

Widodo, Ph.D is professor of Molecular biology of Aging at Brawijaya University Indonesia. He graduated Bachelor in the same university at 1998 and got at magister degree of genetic and molecular biology at Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia in 2001. He got JICA fellow for training on cell and molecular of cancer at AIST-Tsukuba, Japan on 2003, then continue enroll in doctoral course on medical school at the university of Tsukuba and graduated on 2008. Then, he joined Brawijaya University, Indonesia as assistance Professor; and got full professor position at the university in 2017. He got several awards such as, young investigator from Tissue Culture Association-japan (2007), Best original paper from nestle council research-Japan (2008), Young scientist from Kalbe-Ristek Dikti-Indonesia (2012) and Best teacher from Brawijaya University (2014). He has experience as visiting Professor at Universiti Technology Malaysia (2015), and Ristumeikan University-Japan (20017-2019). He has several grants for research on Herbal medicine, vaccine development for Epstein-Barr Virus and development Biomarker for Hearth Diseases from the ministry of Research, technology and Higher education, Republic of Indonesia (20015-2019).  He also appointed as Head of Central Laboratory for Life Sciences at the Brawijaya University and active as Editor and reviewer in some International of Scientific journal. He now active research on elucidation the molecular mechanism of JAMU (Indonesia traditional medicine) by using Metabolomic, Metagenomic and Bioinformatic approach.