ordinary members

(1) Membership: Those with a higher education degree or above, or have a junior professional titles and above; Secondary education and related professional graduates, engaged in experimental animal related work for more than 3 years.
(A) Membership rights:
1. The right to vote, to be elected and to vote;
2. To participate in the activities of this Council, access to this publication and academic information of the priority;
3. The meeting fee of the event and the publication of the articles in this Council will be the preferential treatment fee;
4. may participate in the selection of the various incentives (grants) recommended by this Council or this Council;
5. Suggestions, criticism and supervision of the work of this Council;
6. voluntary membership, free retirement.
(2) Membership obligations:
1. comply with the constitution of the Association, the implementation of this Council resolution;
2. safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of this Council;
3. Accept the work entrusted by this Council;
4. To participate in the activities of this Council, to reflect the situation, to provide relevant information;
5. Payment of contributions as required.