To celebrate the Queen of England Elizabeth II 88th birthday, June 12, 2014, the British Embassy in the Ambassador's residence held a British Queen birthday celebration reception. At the invitation of the Ambassador of Sebastian Wood, the researcher of the Experimental Animal Welfare Ethics Committee of the Chinese Society for Experimental Animal Research and the Director of the Experimental Animal Center of the National Population and Family Planning Commission, attended the reception.

At the reception, the British ambassador to China Wu Sida published a warm speech. Activities, Sun Deming and the British Embassy in Japan and the first secretary of science and technology innovation director Karen Maddocks and project officials Xie Lina and other in-depth exchanges. The two sides were very satisfied with the academic exchanges and scientific and technological cooperation in the field of experimental animal welfare ethics, and exchanged views and suggestions on the next stage of scientific and technological cooperation and exchange. Director of Sun Deming thanked the British side for his kind invitation, especially on the scientific and technological exchange project.

The two sides have agreed that the "Sino-British International Symposium on Experimental Animal Welfare Ethics" will be held in Beijing from March 17 to 15, 2015.